Parent Updates Term Three (below)

Student-Lead Sharing Morning
14th September
Group 1 - 9:00am (9:30 in PAC)
Group 2 - 9:30am (9:00 in PAC)
We are excited to host parents for a sharing morning. Your child will
have 30 minutes in class to share some of their learning with you and 30 minutes to spend in the school PAC viewing an informative and entertaining presentation slideshow by our Principal Mrs Doherty and our Deputy Principal Mrs Stewert.

Classes have been split to ensure enough room for everyone to comfortably move around classrooms and have access to resources. Please stick to your allocated times where possible or contact your classroom teacher to make alternative arrangements.

Please note that this is not a parent interview and the teachers are not involved in the sharing time.

We are looking forward to seeing you here.
Please refer to the school newsletter for up to date information about the Mapathon that went home today (20 Aug). Below are the useful links that you can use to find some of the answers you may not already know. Ask mum and dad to help

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Maths Week

This week is maths week. Each day we will post a challenge question of the day here. You can answer the question in the comment box above or hand your answer into the blue tray beside Miss. McArthur's desk. House points will be awarded for correct answers! Don't forget your name!!

Wednesday's Question of the day:
Wednesday maths question of the day.png

Tuesday's Questions of the day:

Monday's math question of the day.pngTuesday's math question of the day.png

Monday's Question of the day:
Monday's question of the day 2.png
Margaret Mahy Pyjama Party
m mahy.jpg
Celebrate the wonderful works of Margaret Mahy at our final Pyjama Party for 2012.
When? Friday August 10 from 6-7.00 pm
Where? East Coast Bays Library
Our candle-light Storytime, including milo and marshmallows, will include picture books, poetry and stories by Margaret Mahy.
Helen Beckingsale
East Coast Bays Children's and Teen Services
Wiki updates
Dear Parents
In response to feedback, we are in the process of making a few changes to our Year 4 wiki layout, with the aim of making it easier for you to find what you need here :)
Winter School Holidays
winter break.jpg
The Mairangi bay art center has a free art exhibition of work by students from our local high schools. Well worth a visit.
Parent Updates Term Two (below)

Parent Interviews
We are looking forward to meeting most of you over the next two days. You will receive a note with some reminders and helpful information prior to the interviews.
Matariki is the dull glowing star cluster known to some as the Pleiades.

Matariki has arrived (Maori New Year)
Here are some interactives to explore
Te Reo quizzes
What is Matariki?
The story of Matariki
25th June
book parade.jpg
Book Character Parade - Monday at 9am in the PAC
18th June
art exhibition.jpg
Art Exhibition week
Opening Night of our Art Exhibition was a huge success. A wonderful turnout of parents and children made for a fun evening. Thanks to our choir and Mrs Davidson for providing two items. And thanks to all who came along and supported our first ever exhibition opening.

If you were unable to make it for the opening, remember that the exhibition will be open for the next two days until 5pm each afternoon. There is an amazing range of art work on display. Well worth the gold coin entry charge!
14th June
art gallery.jpg
Art Gallery trip
24th May
A huge thank you to the parents who helped us on our Art Options Day. The children thoroughly enjoyed trying a range of new art and craft experiences and were so proud of the finished product. Check out the photos - go to Curriculum Page - How We Express Ourselves.
10th May
Class photos today

27th April
Once again it is Yummy Sticker time. We will be collecting stickers until the end of Term 3 (Fri 28th September). Please be aware of this when you are out food shopping over the weekend. Students can go to the office if you would like a yummy sticker chart. We have the individual apple sticker charts as well as the family bag sticker charts. So please collect the stickers as this pays for sports goods for our school.
Thank you.
Mrs Martin (school secretary)
23rd April

Parent Updates Term One (below)
4th April
Last Day of Term
This Wednesday is Mufti Day for the whole school. Please bring a gold coin in support of the Guide Dogs.

Have a safe and relaxing Easter break everybody!
29th March
Fair Friday!!!

Bring your contributions in for the fair and leave in the Fair Room off the school hall (PAC).
Let your teacher know to get your house-points.

Join us from 4:30 for food, games and lots of fun!!
Click here to view some cool photos from our MERC sleepover and egg challenge.
19th March
EOTC Home Baking
Please remember your home-baking for our shared late snack Monday night and Tuesday morning/ afternoon Teas. It is recommended that students with special dietary needs and / or allergies bring their own snacks. All home baking will be shared by the whole student and parent helper group.
Items could include slices, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits, sweet or savoury. Non-fridge items please.

MERC parking at Long Bay is limited. It has been suggested that parents park within the park grounds and walk over when dropping and collecting their children on Monday and Tuesday nights.
15th March
School Disco this Thursday - get your tickets at the office.
12th March
EOTC Gear list

These have been sent home today. A copy is also available on the EOTC page. Click on the orange button above.

Also please note that school will be closed on Thursday 5th April
5th March

All students are in the process of sitting the Lexile entrance test at school. By the end of this week, the school library should have issue codes set up for each year 4 student. Until then, they cannot yet take out any Lexile books or complete any quizzes on the Lexile website. Y5 and Y6 are set up as they were on the system from last year.
Please continue using the reading logs until then. Library books need to be swapped at morning tea or lunch play times as our 20 minutes in the library simply isn't enough time to do this with a whole class when they are entitled to 3 books each (1xnovel, 1xnon-fiction, 1xLexile by end of week). Also students finish their books at different times and there is no point in waiting til the following Monday.
This is a reminder that homework books are due in before 9am on Monday mornings as this is the time we mark them. We don't get the opportunity to go back to them again until the following Monday.
Timea Willemse (Team leader)
28th Feb
Lunch routines and Cloak bays

This week we had a talk with the students about expectation at lunch eating time. Students are asked to collect their lunch and water bottles quickly, settle in a shady area and eat the substantial part of their lunch first. Any 'treats' are to be left for last. The teacher on duty will ask to check lunch boxes of those students that claim to be finished before the bell. Students are expected to remain seated until the bell goes, with the exception of permitted bathroom breaks. All lunch box litter (except for compost items) are to go home.
Glad wrap has become an issue again as the wind blows these out of lunch boxes if students are not vigilant. This can leave the area outside our block looking untidy after 76 students have eaten lunch. Where possible, can we ask that food items are contained in named re-usable containers for ease of identification, as opposed to wrapping.
Cloak bays have been re-assigned as follows. All Y4 girls hang their bags in the cloak-bay adjacent to the girls toilets and all Y4 boys hang their bags in the cloak-bay adjacent to the boys toilets.

Timea Willemse (Team leader)
22nd FebHead_louse_closeup%5B1%5D.jpeg
Naughty Nits!

Please check your child's hair regularly. Long hair (boy or girl) must be tied up and flat against the scalp. It has been noticed that a lot of girls are wearing their hair loose lately. Parents will be asked to apply immediate treatment if nits are noticed on their head as this can spread rapidly in classrooms where children are in close contact.
Some preventative treatment ideas:
-smother by saturating hair entirely with baby oil and vinegar, apply a plastic wrap to hair. Next day wash out.
-add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo for prevention,
-use lots of conditioner when washing hair and run a fine-toothed comb through - less tangle and nits are easily visible in the white cream on the comb.
-if nits are noticed, wash all bedding on a hot cycle as well.
Thank you for your help with this.
Timea Willemse (Team leader)
20th Feb
We are offering an afternoon information session to cover on-line learning aides. We will demonstrate Mathletics, Lexile, Studyladder, Wikispace pages and Spelling City, and how these fit into school and home learning.
We will put a film on in Nikau C if you have your child with you, as based on last year's turn out, there will be no room for them in here (Nikau DC).
Please reiterate behaviour expectations with them.

Start: 3:10 sharp
18th Feb
WHEN: Saturday 18th February, 9.30am-12.00pm
WHY: to get an area ready for concreting
BRING: shovels, grubbers, rakes (if you have them)
Any help you can give will be most appreciated
9th Feb
Parents, please meet in Nikau DC with the Year 4 team by 6:30 promptly. We will only be covering introductions, expectations, a brief year overview, homework and EOTC during this brief time.

Monday 20th of February will be an afternoon to cover on-line learning aides. We aim to have the Mathletics area representative as a guest speaker for you, and will also demonstrate Lexile, studyladder and spelling city.
We will put a film on in Nikau C if you have your child with you, as based on last year's turn out, there will be no room for them in here. Please reiterate behaviour expectations with them.

At some point we will offer a support group meeting for parents that need to provide extra support at home for their children in maths, reading and/or writing. This date is still to be confirmed and will be by invitation only.

Mrs Willemse (Team Leader)
1st Feb
Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience. I am back on line with a loan computer while mine is away at the Mac hospital. (TW)
(Just a note: Mrs. Willemses' computer is not working at the moment so she is not able to get any emails you may send. If you would like to get ahold of her please stop by before or after school, or email myself Miss McArthur and I will pass the message onto her. Thanks)
31 Jan
Hi everyone,
We have all had a great day in Year 4 today, working with your lovely children. They will be bringing home their homework and a PILE of notices for different things over the next couple of days. Take your time to go through these. The main thing to note is that the homework for Reading, Spelling and Maths is a whole term's worth and needs to be signed off each week on each sheet. This will be new to all of you so be patient with becoming familiar with it. It will become clearer and save everyone a lot of time. Topic homework will start next week.
Homework books need to travel to and from school in book bags each day.
Digital accounts will be set up over the next few days too.
Students require HB pencils for some tasks and black bic pens for daily writing will be provided by the school. Please label these. Outstanding stationery can come in during this week. If you have any problems, please email your classroom teacher.
Click on the Homework link for further information.
Y4 Team notice
and Term 1 notice

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